When In Your Writing Journey To Enter A Writing Contest

When In Your Writing Journey To Enter A Writing Contest

Have you considered entering a writing contest? Many writers have tried entering writing contests at one point or another. But not everyone has. Writing contests can do a lot for your writing journey, give you experience, awards, motivation, and more. Despite the fact that writing contests can do a lot for you, a good number of writers have not tried entering them.

If you are at a point when you are considering entering a writing contest you may be wondering if it is the right time in your writing journey to enter a contest. We are here today to help you determine if it is the right time to enter a contest. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when you are thinking about entering a writing contests.

Do You Feel Ready?

Do you feel ready to enter a writing contest? Some writers may start looking at writing contests yet feel completely unprepared to start entering contests. This is often a good sign that you are ready to enter a contest. However, for many people they are at a point where they are unsure and only feel partially ready. Contests are a great way to gain more experience writing but also to get your work and name out there.

Even those writers who do not feel ready should consider entering writing contests. Especially if those contests are in a niche that they write in or enjoy.

Are You Ready To Be Rejected?

Being rejected comes hand in hand with writing contests. No one is able to win every writing contest that they enter. In order to be truly ready to enter a writing contest you need to be able to embrace the fact that you may not win. It can be hard to get into this mindset at first because many of us become attached to our writing but once you do, it becomes a lot easier to start writing for contests.

Not many writing contests offer feedback on your writing to help you improve it. That's one stand-out difference with Page Turner Awards. We offer editorial feedback from a professional editor, plus private feedback from our judging panel. This helps writers to hone and tone their writing and find out what the industry experts suggest for their chapters.

Are You Passionate About Your Writing?

Some writers write because it is what they are good at, others write because it is a way to make money, but then others write because it is their passion. Any writer who is interested in writing because it is a passion should consider entering writing contests. Many writing contests are a great way to fuel your passion and to grow as a writer.

Those who write passionately are most likely to become winners of writing contests because their work is more likely to truly touch those who are reading it.

How Are You Viewing The Writing Contest?

There are many ways that you can view a writing contest. Some people view it as a contest, others view it as a writing adventure, some even view it as simply a way to make money. How you view the writing contest can make a big difference in whether you should consider entering writing contests. See what our writing contest entrants have to say about entering our writing contest.

Those writers who view a writing contest as an adventure believe in their work and even enter lots of writing contests. It is your work and you have every right to be passionate about it. For those writers that view a writing contest as a source for money or something similar, you can still enter the contest but it may be best to examine your writing first and see if that is something you really want to do.

Take a look at these aspects of when in your writing career that it's best to enter a writing contest. If you fall on the side of at least one of them we encourage you to start considering entering a writing contest. You never know where the contest might take you. For those that meet more than one, it is an even better idea to start entering contests. Contests shouldn’t be a big scary affair, they are a chance to exercise your skills as a writer.