7 Reasons Why Writers Should Enter Writing Contests

7 Reasons Why Writers Should Enter Writing Contests

Have you considered submitting your work to a writing contest but wondered why you should? Especially if you are not sure if you are going to win? Submitting to a writing contest may be a big step but it shouldn’t be one that scares you. Here we look at some reasons why writers should enter a writing contest.

1. Writing Contests Give You Experience

Entering writing contests gives you a chance to flex your writing muscles. The more you write, the more you learn about yourself and your abilities as a writer. Not just that, you get to gain experience writing for contests. With more experience and learning writing techniques you will become better at writing contests and writing in general. Not just that, you will gain confidence in your writing abilities which can be crucial to growing yourself as a writer with the aim of becoming a published author one day.

2. Writing Exposure

Every time you participate in a writing contest you are getting your work out there in front of judges. Many of whom are authors, editors, literary agents and publishers. Check out Page Turner Awards Judges who are actively looking for writers to publish.

The more professional people from the literary world you get your writing in front of, the more likely you are going to get your writing discovered.

You are also creating a name for yourself. Those who have judged your work will get to know your name as a writer that will be someone to follow. Someone with a bright and shining future as an author.

3. Potentially Winning an Award

Winning an award from a writing contest can be fun but it is more than that. The award is something that you can add to your writing resume. Anytime you pitch your writing or your agent tries to promote your writing, they can use that award. It becomes a showcase for you as an author. See our 2020 Winners.

While winning might feel like a long shot, you can win. Especially if you are able to craft a catchy entry.

4. Contests Get You Writing

Writing contests are a great way to help you get past any writer’s block you might be feeling. What might start off as an entry into a writing contest could lead you to developing something even bigger. Many times it could even turn into something bigger, or they inspire ideas for your other writing.

5. Your Writing Contest Entry Could Go Wide

Only part of the reward from contests is the award at the end. Most conferences have the winning piece published or otherwise get your writing out there. That promotion of your writing can end up getting your name out there. Some content from writing contests ends up getting out there more than you would expect.

In case you were wondering, if you end up winning a writing contest you can use it as a publishing credit. In contests where the finalists or runner ups get published too, that is a credit too. Find out what entrants have to say about entering Page Turner Awards.

6. You Could Earn a Mentor

When you submit your piece to a writing contest there will be people reading your work, the judges, publishers, and anyone else involved in the process. During this it is completely possible to develop a mentor relationship with one of the judges. This happens a lot and can give you people to help you through the process of becoming a bigger writer. Page Turner Awards awarded six writers a writing mentor. Could you be next?

7. Motivation

Entering a writing contest motivates you to get out there and do more writing. It does something else though related to motivation. The time limit of having to create a complete piece of writing by the deadline helps you to get your writing done. If that piece of writing doesn’t win, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for something else, such as the starting point for another story. Or entering it into another writing competition.

Whether you are entering free writing contests or paid writing contests, there is a lot that you can get out of the experience. Even if you aren’t a winner. You never know where it might take you.