Caroline Copeland

I've worked in Publishing for over twenty years, and nearly my whole working life has involved the written word: editing, teaching, researching, writing about, and promoting other people's words.  Despite that, I only started writing fiction five years ago. I love to tell stories and mostly write Contemporary/Women's Fiction. People's lives fascinate me and I love uncovering the extraordinary stories behind the most ordinary facades. In 2017 I was selected for Curtis Brown Creative's selective three-month novel writing course, and have worked to develop my writing since then. I've written four plays for Radio, and have three novels in various stages of writing and editing, two of which - "Johnnie Lambert's Guide to Life" and "A Perfectly Nice Life" I've entered here for the Page Turner Awards. I began entering writing awards in 2021 and was listed in the top ten percent of the Bridport Prize entrants in that year. I've written two children's books and a play about the peacocks that live in Pittencrieff Park in my home town in Fife, Scotland. My biggest claim to fame is that one of those peacocks is now named after me.