Nathan Burrows

Portrait of Nathan Burrows
Nathan Burrows is a writer based in Norfolk in the United Kingdom.

Primarily a thriller writer, Nathan's books are based (mostly) in Norfolk. He enjoys writing character based books where the people in them are the most important things. His main series is the Gareth Dawson books which all feature an ex-thief with a big heart, but he also writes military thrillers like 'Man Down'.

Writing as N.D. Burrows, he's also the author of a dark comedy trilogy. The first in the series is 'The Butcher', a deliciously funny story about - amongst other things - sausages. The second in the series is 'The Baker', which features Norfolk's most useless cult. And finally, 'The Candlestick Maker' is about a fitness instructor with a difference.

Nathan's a keen reader as well as a writer. He occasionally runs marathons, has a Norwich City football club season ticket, and is the proud part-owner of a Daschund puppy called Bertie.
Award Category Finalist
Award Submission Title
Finding Milly
Jimmy Tucker is dying. There’s only one person he wants to tell. His daughter—Milly. But when he gets home from the hospital, she’s vanished without a trace.


mariarob Sat, 03/10/2020 - 04:53

Hi Nathan

Congratulations on your work and for making it to the finals. Best of luck and well wishes for the future!