2022 Award Winners

Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2022 Award Winners!

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Book Award

Screenplay Award

And the winners are...

  • Shia Lebeouf won the Page Turner Screenplay Film Script Award for A8450, M.D. He has also won representation with Sean Dubravac of Entertainment LA
  • Sean Slater won the Page Turner Screenplay Film Script Award for The Devil and Dick Gregory
  • Laura Whitton won the Page Turner Screenplay TV Series Award for Birthweight
  • Michael Clifton won the Page Turner Screenplay Short Film Award for Gloves
  • Jodie Smith won a book adaptation for her published novel, Bayou Cresting
  • Justine Gilbert won a book adaptation for her published novel, Daisy Chain
  • Meredith Wargo won a book adaptation for her published story, Dawgs: A true story of lost animals and the kids who rescued them
  • Joseph Byrd won the Screenplay Award Golden Screenwriter

Writing Award

  • Jane Bond won the Page Turner Writing Award for her unpublished novel, Flick-Flack
  • Victoria Brown won the Page Turner Writing Award for her unpublished novel, Darling Girl
  • Laura Beeby won the Writing Award Golden Writer for her submission, Veronica Perfect
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Writing Mentorship Award

  • Bethan Charles won a writing mentorship from Tara Avery
  • Mina Rose won a writing mentorship from Tara Avery
  • Emily Henderson won a writing mentorship from Ann Brady
  • Ciara Mullaney won a writing mentorship from Ann Brady
  • Theodora Scott won a writing mentorship from Lis McDermott
  • Roma van den Bergh won a writing mentorship Lis McDermott
  • Sarah Nias won a writing mentorship from Nikki Vallance
  • Masha Shukovich won a writing mentorship from Rebecca Megson- Smith

Young Writer Award

  • Kay Mancino won the Page Turner Young Writer Award for her unpublished novel, Apoptosis, or Cell Death
Laura Beeby for "Veronica Perfect"

I'm a Canadian-Dutch writer temporarily living in Canada as a caregiver for my elderly father, but my permanent home is in Rotterdam with my Dutch musician husband whom I met in a music forum for fans of the Hollies. My background is in advertising copywriting and, along with my English and History

Cristina Loggia for "LUCIFER'S GAME"

Cristina started her career as a newspaper reporter for L’Eco di Biella and La Provincia di Biella, in Piedmont, Italy. After a spell running the press office of an MP, she moved to London, where she worked for several years as a public affairs and media relations professional, advising major

Roma Van Den Bergh for "Into the Light "

I’m a CGI filmmaker by trade and throughout my career have helped visualise stories from Hollywood blockbusters like The Golden Compass to Alex Garland’s Annihilation. INTO THE LIGHT was inspired by a true life event of a woman, who stopped a man killing a young girl in public, whilst others passed

Julie Carrick Dalton for "Waiting for the Night Song"

Julie Carrick Dalton’s debut novel WAITING FOR THE NIGHT SONG was named to Most Anticipated 2021 book by CNN, Newsweek, USA Today, Parade, Buzzfeed, and others, and was an Amazon Editor’s Pick for Best Books of the Month. As a journalist, Julie has published more than a thousand articles in

Helen Matthews for "The Girl in the Van"

Helen Matthews writes page-turning psychological suspense novels and is fascinated by the darker side of human nature and how a life can change in an instant. Her latest novel The Girl in the Van will be published on 17 March by Darkstroke Books. Previous novels include suspense thriller After

Carol Sanford for "No More Feedback: Cultive Consciousness at Work"

Senior Fellow of Social Innovation, Babson College; CEO, The Regenerative Paradigm Institute, Educator and Social Change designer for people in change agents roles, organizational leaders who aspire to making a difference, business and organizational teams pursuing meaningful work and business

Michael Clifton for "Gloves"

Growing up on a hazardous waste site that’s home to the Mothman legend was a lot for Michael to take in. Stories of outsiders caught between real and imagined horrors are now his sweet spot. He has earned accolades from Academy Award qualifying festivals such as Cinequest, HollyShorts, Austin Film

Mina Rose Stiet for "Project Saturnalia "

Mina Rose lives in the Seattle area. She loves self-care, astrology, tarot, yoga, cats, coffee, video games, and outer space (although she's never been). On a typical day you can find her burning incense and dancing in the kitchen. On a non-typical day you can find her sipping margaritas next to a

Theodora Scott for "The Beatmaker"

A Danish Viking who hates the cold, Theodora Scott lives in the Middle East where she can wear flip-flops in January. By day she works as a business writer for an IT corporation, by night she writes a blog about her two passions: music and pop culture. A lifelong hip hop fan and student of the craft

Sarah Nias for "The Formation of Rifts"

Sarah Nias grew up overseas and worked in translation before moving into a career in print production. Returning to education as a mature student, she studied for an MA in English which inspired her to take up her own writing. After participating in several online creative writing courses she was

Meredith Wargo for "DAWGS: A True Story of Lost Animals and the Kids Who Rescued Them"

Meredith Wargo is an award-winning author and advocate for animals. The recipient of four Maxwell Medallions from the Dog Writers of Association of America, she has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Although a native Texan, Meredith currently lives in southern

Junia Wonders for "Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?"

Junia Wonders is the author of the seasonal bestseller The Roll-Away Pumpkin, which has been translated into six languages. Five of her picture books, namely, The Roll-Away Pumpkin, Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe, The Night the Monsters Came, Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?, and I

Wendy Sanford for "These Walls Between Us: A Memoir of Friendship Across Race and Class"

I grew up in an affluent white suburban family in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. During the socially turbulent time of the 1970s, I became a feminist, a lesbian, and a Quaker. A founding member of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, I co authored and edited many versions of Our Bodies, Ourselves

Jane Bond for "Flick-Flack"

In my life I've worked in factories, behind several bars and once ran a livery stable. I spent fifteen years as a software engineer in England, Ireland and Scotland – sorry Wales. In 2007 we moved to France. Now I make jam and sell it on the local markets, which is far less lucrative, but far more

Tom Joyce for "The Missing Peace"

Tom Joyce will neither confirm nor deny having any association with persons, living or dead, that have worked for intelligence gathering agencies, in the United States or abroad, in any capacity. He can, however, confirm that he has spent time in Northern Afghanistan and most of the other places

Justine Gilbert for "Daisy Chain"

Justine Gilbert's current novel, Daisy Chain, is due to be published in March 2023 by Claret Press. It is historical fiction about the women who surrounded Roosevelt's presidency. Seen through the eyes of his sixth cousin, Daisy Suckley, it highlights the influence these women possessed. Justine is

Joseph Byrd for "Monet & Oscar: The Essence of Light"

My BS in Journalism and MA in Communications degrees inspired me to become a pioneer in electronic publishing. As a McGraw-Hill editor, I developed one of the first computer publishing systems. In the rapidly developing PC software industry, I co-authored one of his two books using PC desktop

Emily Henderson for "Jolene"

I’m currently working as a lawyer in London, I have recently qualified as an associate in my firm’s litigation team and was given a qualification break in which I thought I would give this idea a real attempt. I am originally from the North-East and came to writing over the past few years, having

Victoria Brown for "Darling Girl"

Victoria is a writer of sapphic thrillers and women's fiction, based in Cambridge, UK. Her novel, 'Darling Girl', won the 2022 'I Am In Print' thriller competition and a place on the Curtis Brown Creative Advanced Crime and Thriller course. She has had a number of flash fiction pieces published

Ciara Mullaney for "Missed Connections"

I'm secondary school teacher from County Cork, Ireland with a degree in English and History and a masters in education. I've always had an avid interest in writing but have only began to look at my writing in a professional capacity over the past two years. After attending a number of creative

Tamra Ryan for "The Third Law"

Tamra Ryan is the CEO of Women's Bean Project, a social enterprise that provides transitional employment, while operating a food manufacturing business, to women attempting to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty. Tamra is a former partner and board member for Social Venture Partners

B. L. Charles for "Astral Hunter"

I am a UK-based scientist who spends my spare time writing speculative and historical fiction, often focusing on underrepresented voices in science and mythology. In 2021 I took the leap and started submitting work. Since then, I've won Globe Soup's short story competition and have other work

Masha Shukovich for "WATER'S CHILD"

Masha Shukovich, PhD is a writer, poet, storyteller, folklorist, teacher, and intuitive chef with ancestry and indigenous roots in the Balkans; the Mediterranean; and West, Central, and Northeast Asia (Siberia). She is the mother of Maya and Leela, a demigirl (she/they), a neurodivergent person, and

Laura Whitton for "Birthweight"

Writer, visual artist, entrepreneur, and community builder. I won my first writing contest at age 11, started my first real business at age 15, traveled outside my home country for the first time at 18, and have not stopped since. I have made my home, worked, and created in The United States, France

Jodie Smith for "Bayou Cresting: The Wanting Women of Huet Pointe"

Award-winning author and Mobile Literary Festival founder Jodie Cain Smith spent her childhood exploring the shores of Mobile Bay. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama and Northern Michigan University because earning a degree on both the southern and northern border happened by

Kay Mancino for "Apoptosis, or Cell Death "

Kay Mancino is a 19 year-old Creative Writing major from Long Island, New York. Growing up, they realized their voice was loudest when writing stories, so that is what they want to spend the rest of their life doing. In their free time, you will find them crocheting blankets for their dog and

Shia Labeouf for "A8450, M.D."

Shia LaBeouf's natural talent and raw energy have secured his place as one of Hollywood's leading men. Most recently, LaBeouf starred alongside Vanessa Kirby and Ellen Burstyn in Kornel Mundruczo's Oscar® nominated Pieces of a Woman. In the critically acclaimed film, a grieving couple (Kirby/LaBeouf

Sean Slater for "The Devil and Dick Gregory"

Sean Slater is an actor-writer-producer born in the UK and raised in California. His work includes the features “Empire Gypsy”, “Target: St. Louis” and “Target: Philadelphia” (available on Amazon and Tubi) as well as the forthcoming competitive eating documentary “ScarfFace”. He holds an MA in

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Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2022 Award Winners!